updates: January 14th, 2013:  We’re back online!  Woot!  Anyway, have a little news to share  with you guys, so here goes...  Work steadily continues on The Awakening Storm, so rest assured it is coming along.  I’m still hoping on a  late January to early February release, so stay tuned for more updates.  I’ve put my side projects on hold in  order to finish it as quickly as possible, since I’ve had a little bit of upheaval in my life lately.  I got safely  moved to Pennsylvania and am still getting settled in.  I’m getting my bed delivered as I type this now.  I’m thinking of getting a contest together to coincide with the release of TAS, maybe some t-shirts, free  autographed books, or a NEW CAR!  Just kidding about the car.  Anyway, now that I’m no longer virtually homeless, and I have a new base of  operations, things will slowly get back to normal.  Some time soon I may release the  Prologue, or maybe even the first chapter as well, of TAS just to tide you guys over.  I  know you’ve been waiting awhile, and waiting for something you want to read is  something close to torture.  Thanks again for your patience, all your kind words and wonderful reviews, and for  taking a chance on me in the first place.  I’ll talk to you all soon.  Happy New Year, by  the way, and I hope you’re all doing awesome.  - D.W. Hawkins